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EOS A2 EF-S Lens Adapter - is this product out there?


I just bought a Canon EOS A2 film SLR. I know it uses EF lenses but I wanted to see if there is a product or adapter that I could attach my EFS lenses with?



No there isn't. EF-S lens cannot mount on film or full frame EOS bodies. (There are some hacks online for certain lens; it involves modifying the lens).

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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No you can't adapt crop sensor EF-S lenses. To a Full Frame, APS-H or 35mm AF SLR. EF-S lenses are designed to protrude into the camera body. The mirror in a Full Frame, APS-H or 35mm AF SLR would hit the rear lens element and serious damage the mirror. Even if you could use EF-S lenses on a FF/ 35mm camera you would see vignetting. The lens was designed to cover the APS-C image circle. So stick with Full Frame EF lenses. Don't attempt to use 3rd Party APS-C lenses either. These lenses will mount because they use the FF EF Mount. But they're designed to project an APS-C image circle. The picture below shows what happens when a crop only lens is used on a Full Frame camera.



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Any adapter would be adding distance from the lens to the film plane, just like an extension tube. This changes focusing ability. You would lose distance focus.