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DJI Rs3 Pro Gimbal and R5c with latest firmware

Rising Star

I received a DJI Rs3 pro gimbal 2 days ago with the hope of using it with my R5c that has the latest firmware.  The DJI site claims that the Rs3 pro is compatible with the R5c, but it appears that they'd arrived at that conclusion with an earlier R5c firmware version, and I just wasted 2 days trying to get the camera and gimbal to communicate with no success.  Some have said that the camera must be set to "remote" but, unlike the R5, there is no remote setting on the R5c.  I have tried a host of usb c to usb c cables, all to no avail.  Has anyone with this setup managed to get it to work, and by work I mean, get it to, at the very least, trigger start and stop record?



If you are referring to Canon support, no, I have not yet contacted Canon since I felt that it is a DJI issue.  I would assume, and perhaps wrongly so, that Canon would reply that they are not responsible for 3rd party compatibility.  That said, I will call them and see what they say.

Rising Star

Hi Rick,

While the R5c—new cable—and Rs3 Pro gimbal can now communicate for start and stop, none of the other functions work, i.e., aperture, iso, etc.  However, a review of DJI's website indicates that in video mode, the only thing that will work is start and stop, the other functions only work in 'photo' mode, which is useless for my purposes.  All of the other functions work with the Panasonic S1h.  



Hey Ron,

Thanks.  Like I said in the PM, the other users I heard back from only discussed Record start / stop.  They didn't mention aperture, ISO, focus or pull / throw.  I'll see if I can get more clarification.  

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Hi Rick,

It appears that the DJI website indicates that start and stop is all that the gimbal can do with the R5c.  That is a bit of a disappointment, since making changes on the camera body is not easy to do while holding the gimbal, especially with a heavy camera.  With the S1h I can change aperture right from the gimbal's rotary dial, without having to alter my grip.  Anyway, I really appreciate the time you spent looking into this, and if there are any questions that I can answer for you I would be more than happy to do so.

Best regards,


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