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Autofocus adapter for vintage lenses


When can we have an autofocus adapter like the Tech Art TMZ-02 so we can adapt vintage lenses without the need to constantly adjust focus manually?  There seems to be a growing number of people rediscovering vintage lenses and the only platforms that will support these adapters are Sony and Nikon.  I've taken some really nice photos with lensesadapted to my R7, but it would be nice to be able to take quick and  spontaneous photos with vintage lenses.  I have resorted to buying a Nikon Zf to do this which I carry as a second body.  Canon is missing out on a growing market by not having a similar product.  It stopped me from buying an R6 Mk2 or an R5 and now that I can reliably use all my EF lenses on Nikon with excellent autofocus, it's making the  R5 Mk 2 a less attractive proposition compared to a Nikon Z8.  I really like my R7 and R50 but the lens compatibility issue is becoming a deal breaker.



The TMZ-02 isn't a Nikon product. I would never have expected Nikon to do this themselves, nor do I expect that Canon would. You should ask Tech Art about a version for Canon FD lenses. 

The Canon FD mount is mechanically more complicated than most or all other lens brands with how aperture control  is conveyed to the camera body. I'd guess it's more than Tech Art would want to do.

I guess canon need to open the R mount to 3rd party manufacturers....or make one themselves shock horror!   

Don't hold your breath.

Making the Z8 look better and better.  My wife's Z8 and my Zf works great with my EF lenses with the Fringer adapter.  I will see what the R5 Mk ii is like and if there is any improvement on the 3rd party lens front.  I'm glad I resisted the urge to buy RF lenses except for the 100-400 which is great with the R7 for a light wildlife photography setup.  Everything else is EF.


I use Canon FD lenses on my Zfc and I*m very satisfied with the results. I may be in the minority here, but I prefer manual focus and usually have AF turned off on the Zfc. I'm using the Canon lenses with a Fotodiox Pro. Works really well.

I do use MF but it's nice to be able to have AF available as well, especially when you have kids that don't sit still long enough for you to mess around with MF.  I took my Zf out on the weekend with an assortment of vintage Nikon and Takumar lenses and was able to get all sorts of photos including moving animals with full autofocus and tracking thanks to the TMZ-02 autofocus adapter.  I far prefer using my R7 but I find myself leaving it behind a lot because it does not offer me the option of AF or even focus confirmation for vintage glass and I hate focus peaking, it sucks.  I hope to remedy the focus confirmation with a chipped EF to M42 adapter so we will see how that goes when it arrives.  FD lenses are a good choice and the ZFc looks like a nice light, fun package. 


Cool thing!

Will buy one if they ever release one for RF mount.

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