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one hour long recording, produced multiple short clips


Our HV40 has developed a new problem. I recorded an hour long clip  of our worship service. When I imported into editing program, Sony Vegas, it was broken into 109 small clips.  At each break the sound would break also, making it hard to view and listen. I recorded with a fully charged battery. Also during the viewing a green bar would flash occasionally over half of the frame. It has never done this before. To analyze the problem I recorded with a new tape. However due to broken cord on power converter, ( a common Canon problem I'm reading) I can not import the new recording. Before purchasing a new converter, $75.00, I want to know if it is the tape,  transport mechanism, or some other problem. Thanks in advance for your help.






Hi jmarkos!


Thanks for posting.


If all of the video was put into a single clip, it would be considerably large in size.  Sony Vegas may be breaking it up into smaller pieces so it can manage them more effectively.


  1. Do you experience the same break up in other software?
  2. Are you connecting the camera with a Firewire cable?

If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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Thanks for the support Mike. I've been recording the service for about a year now. And have made many 45+ minute recordings without turning the camera off. Yes they a large files but Vegas and my computer handles them easily with-out issue. I've used the firewire and Vegas for editing without a problem since I purchased the camera four years ago. 


What I did find out is using a new tape eliminated to problem. I guess there is a limit to how often the tape can be recorded and re-recorded on. My thought is to record again with the tape that gave me problems and see if the problem repeats.


Again thanks for your help, and the offer for time sensitive help. I'd hate to give up my HV40, it is such a good camera and I use it as my "B" camera for weddings and commerical work. Canon, Please! bring back a tape based camera.



Hi Canon Forum.


I know this is a replay to a non related thread, but since it was not possible to make a new thread, I have to do it this way.


I have a serious connection problem with my MVX4i Canon Camcorder.


First my hardware:


O/S: Win7 64bit


What happens:


I've installed the drivers but I keep getting the error "cannot detect camera".


In my device manager it claims that the drivers cannot be installed and even though I manually search for them (on the installation CD or the installation directory) it refuses to install them.


What I have tried:

I've tried using different USB ports - no luck

Used different USB cables - no luck

Tried uninstalling EVERYTHING, disconnecting camcorder and installed drivers again - no luck

I've tried drivers from your website instead of the CD - no luck.


What in gods name can I do to get my PC to connect with my camcorder??

@ psy_boy2720                     


Does you computer have a Firewire port, if yes then you can try the following:


To connect with an IEEE1394 (DV) cable

􀂁 A computer equipped with an IEEE1394 (DV) terminal or an IEEE1394 (DV) capturing


􀂁 A DV cable (sold separately)

􀂁 The appropriate driver

A driver is included with Windows operating systems later than Windows 98 Second

Edition and Mac operating systems later than Mac OS 9. The driver is installed

automatically when you connect the camcorder to the computer.

􀂁 Video editing software

You can use any IEEE1394 compatible video editing software that came bundled with

your computer or video capturing board. You can also use the video editing software

included with your operating system (Windows Movie Maker with Windows XP/

Windows ME; iMovie with Mac OS 9 and later).


If no, then try the following (sounds like you have already tried this):

To connect with the USB cable

􀂁 A computer running Windows XP (Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2) equipped with a

USB2.0 (Hi-Speed) Terminal

􀂁 A USB cable (supplied)

􀂁 Canon USB Video Driver (the driver is included with the supplied DIGITAL VIDEO


􀂁 Windows Movie Maker 2 (Version 2.0.3312.0 with SP1, 2.1.4026.0 with SP2)


How many times do you typically record over a tape before you toss it?  Do you reformat (wipe) the tape(s) before you use them again (recording over the previous by recording with the lens cap on)?  Yes,, DV tapes do wear out over time.  I have read that you can get as few as 10 recordings and re-recordings on a tape without loss and up to 30 depending on the brand and quality of the tape (of course these are expensive tapes).