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XHA1's problem: Turning on



This is my first camcorder that I have ever purchased. I know how to turn on the device and it worked before. 

My issue is when I turn on my XHA1 camcorder, my LCD monitor and lens are not showing footage. Just a black screen. I even checked if I have the lens protector on my lens and it is not attached. I thought it would be batteries, so I bought a BP-950 battery pack and it's not that. 

I don't know what's the issue. Can anyone help me? 

Also, the camcorder is an Canon Camcorder XHA1 HDV 1080i. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,

From what you are describing it sounds very likely the camcorder's image sensor is no longer responding. Canon no longer has parts to repair these camcorders, but an independent repair facility might be able to pull parts from another camcorder of the same model. To confirm that the image sensor is the issue you would try to playback footage that is already recorded on a miniDV tape. If the footage shows on the screen but in camera mode you see nothing then you would be able to tell with more certainty that the image sensor is most likely the issue.