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XA20 zoom malfunction


I have a Canon XA20 that will no longer zoom in or out when using the handle button. This problem is exclusive to just the handle, as the zoom at the rear of the camera itself and the manual zoom both continue to work perfectly. I have also tested all of the other controls located on the handle and they function properly as well. Has anybody ever encountered this problem and/or do you know the steps needed to get it fixed? (aside from the obvious "bring it to a tech...")


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hey there,


One thing you should definitely try if you have not already is completely removing the handle from the camcorder, wiping the metal contacts with a soft cloth like a lens cleaning cloth and then mounting the handle again being sure not to overtighten the handle screws. If the handle gets overtightened it may actually pull the contacts slightly away from eachother causing improper connection.


And then yes, if this does not resolve the problem that would mean it is time to have the handle examined.