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Vixia HFS20 Power Supply Charging issues


Folks. My Vixia HSF20 has had 'charging' issues from the gate.  It wouldn't charge or partially charge batteries.  I sent in Camcorder and accessories to the factory twice--don't know what all they did (swapped out motherboard?? I forget)  But the batteries still wouldn't charge.  They sent me a plug-into-the-wall external charger that did charge batteries.  But the power supply still had to be connected to the camera to transfer videos to my Mac.  The camera seemed to drop off line intermittently.  The camera works with a good battery.  But I can't transfer videos.  I tested the power supply/charger with a multimeter.  The current pulses.  That can't be right, can it?  Seems like this power supply / charger may be the root of the problem from the gate. No?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Pauloconnor,

Based on your description, it sounds like your camcorder's Compact Power Adapter CA-570 has malfunctioned and will require replacement. For assistance locating a replacement, please call the Canon Sales and Accessories Department at (800) 652-2666 between 8:00 AM and midnight ET, seven days a week. They'll assist you with product and and dealer information.

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Yes.  I'm in the process.  Thank you.  Additional note:  Testing the power supply with a multimeter shows it pulses--hearing that typical chargers like these will automatically pulse so as not to continue charging a battery once it's reached it's capacity, but is it suppose to be in 'pulse mode' without being plugged into the camera?

Hi Pauloconnor,


Canon has not released information on how the Compact Power Adapter CA-570 provides power. That said, since the printed main circuit board in your camcorder has been replaced and the batteries can be charged, using the stand-along power adapter, the compact power adapter is the most likely culprit.


When you get information for a local dealer from our Sales and Accessories Department, I recommend checking with the dealer to see if they're able to let you connect your camcorder to one of the adapters they use for their demonstrator camcorders (if they have one).


The Compact Power Adapter CA-570 is used to recharge battery packs in the VIXIA HF G20 and XA25 camcorders, so a store that sell these units may be able to let you connect your camcorder.

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Good news,

Received a new power supply.  Things seem to work now.  Valuable Video's seemlessly transfered to Mac. The culprit finally revealed after sending the Camera to Canon Factory Service twice.    I'm still going to charge batteries with the external plug in charger.  (I'm still a little paranoid).  


This reminds me of an Apple issue where they replaced almost everything in the computer and it finally came down to the power button being the problem. 


Thank you Canon for your help.