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Vixia HF R82 External Monitor Option

New Contributor

I'm new to the community and haven't seen the question asked in other discussions so hope this is a first.


I have the Vixia HF R82 I bought for recording soccer games, I have a tripod I'd rather use but with the higher elevation of the camera location, I'd like to be able to utilize an external monitor to view as I pan with the play.


Does this camera have that option?  If not is there a better camera within the same cost that would work with this type of setup I'd like to have?


Thanks in advance for the assistance!


Reputable Contributor

I'm pretty sure the answer is no.  The HDMI out appears to just be for playback (I only skimmed the user manual).  But this most likely be true for other consumer camcorders in that price range.


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