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Vixia HF R800 - is there a storage size limit for the SD?


I've looked over the specs for the Vixia HF R800 and can't see a maximum storage capacity listed anywhere.


After a bit of trying (I was looking at the wrong menu option) I've managed to get the camera recording onto a 512 GB that's actually a microSD in an adapter. 


Sort of out of curiosity but also because I'd almost be tempted to buy one, does anybody know whether the camera can record onto 1 TB?


Without knowing much about hardware, I'd be tempted to believe that there is no constraint in terms of the plug in memory capacity. But perhaps I'm wrong about that. 



Not sure.  While the card would be formatted the same, it's possible that the operating system in the camcorder wouldn't be able to fully address/access all locations on the card.


I have to ask though, would you really need a card capable of capturing 64 hours of footage (in the highest quality codec)?


Also the standard tip to avoid micro-SD cards as they can cause trouble with DSLRs, camcorders and other equipment that has full-sized SD card slots.


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