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Vixia HF R72 - How do I transfer video recorded in mp4 to computer or copy it to an SD card?


Unfortunately I recorded an important video in the mp4 format in the internal memory of  my new VIxia HF R72 camcorder. Now I can't find out how I can either transfer that video to my Mac or even how I can copy it to an SD card. NEED to get it out of there! Thanks for any help!



Canon Vixia HF R72 Product Support Page


Be sure to click "Manuals" on the upper row of tabs, and "Guides and Manuals" on the lower.


The instructions on how to connect the camcorder to another device for playback or storage starts on page 156.


The instructions on how to use the WiFi feature to download movie files starts on page 171.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Went  back and re-read. Have downloaded software and tried numerous times. I have spent anoher 3 1/2 hours on this and I am apparently  too dense to figure it out. Doesn't seem like it should be this hard.

Canon support may be able to walk you through it.  Be sure to let them know whether you want to do it wired or wirelessly.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thanks! About to pull my hair out. Better to contact them than that.

When you connect the camcorder to your Mac (via USB cable) does the camcorder show up in Finder?  If yes, it is possible that the internal memory of the camcorder may be accessible that way.   If it is visible then you should be able to copy the file or files from internal memory to your hard drive.  Have you tried using iMovie or whatever program you use to edit video to capture video from the camcorder?  There should be an option to capture from the camcorder in whatever editing program you use. 

Actually that is one of my big problems. While "USB conneection" shows on my camcorder screen as it is supposed to when properly connected to my Mac, nowhere on my computer can I find the camcorder. It is not recognized by my computer.

Did anyone ever resoved that problem? Because I would be really interested to find out. 


I myself just spend some annoying 3 hours registering, filling marketing paperwork, registering again to some other Canon thinggy and... still... I cannot transfer the videos from the camcorder to the MacBook pro. The MacBook pro finder does not see the camcorder, even when it is plugged in. 


Any advice people? Thank you


Are the video clips in question stored on the internal memory of the camcorder?  If yes, what mode do you have the camcorder set to when you connect it to the MacBook?  Is the camcorder powered on or off when you first connect it to the MacBook?  What, if anything, do you see in Finder (in addition to what you already have) when you have the camcorder connected?


Image Capture is a quick work-around. Se longer how-to in forum.
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