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Vixia HF R700 Screen Replacement


The screen for this camcorder has stopped working completely and is all black.

I'd like to try to replace it myself. Please send me instructions/technical manual for doing so.


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That is a job for the Canon Service Department. Canon will certainly not supply you with instructions, a technical manual, or a new screen for you to do it yourself.

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I'd like to have some help with this from someone at Canon.

If I have to buy a new camcorder, it obviously won't be Canon, if this is the stonewalling that I get from them.  It's not giving me any option so far that I see, of contacting anyone besides here, since my product is out of warranty.

Hello jjjj3a.  A LCD screen that does not display is certainly frustrating.  The Community Forum is not Canon technical support, but rather a site where fellow Canon users share their knowledge and experience with Canon products.

If you need to contact Canon technical support and repair services, you will want to visit the Canon website here:  If you create a Canon Account, it will have all your options for contacting the support team.



I think lamintheUK is giving you good advice.  I am not aware of any camera manufacturer that provides technical documentation for DIY repairs to the public. CanonSony, Red/Nikon, Panasonic, Arri, BlackMagic, Fuji, Olympus, etc.  Canon's reputation is one of the best in the industry.  Their service and support is also unmatched.  I also urge you to let Canon service your camcorder.  The repair also comes with a warranty.

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