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Need Pixela ImageMixer 3 SE Ver 4 software


I have a FS22 camcorder which has videos on the flash memory. I've lost the Pixela software CD which appears to be needed to transfer from the camera to the PC.  Is there any way to download that software from somewhere?  Or a way to transfer from the memory to the SDHC card or directly to my PC without that software?  I would appreciate any advice available.  My laptop is running Windows 10, 64-bit.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi JLY1975,

Thanks for checking in with us.

The Pixela ImageMixer software we offer is provided through a partnership with Pixela. At this point they are no longer providing support for the software, but you can get it through the link below:

Unfortunately, that link is for a "data import utility Ver 2.4" and seems to be for importing from an SD card, not the camcorder's built-in memory.  It also doesn't list the FS22 as a supported camera, and it doesn't recognize the camcorder as being connected to the PC.

I found and downloaded ImageMixer Ver 3 but it won't accept the serial number on my camcorder.  Any other suggestions?  Is there not a way to transfer directly from camcorder to PC without that software?

Is there a way to transfer the videos from the built-in memory to the SDHC card?

Thanks, Janice