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Vixia HF G50 time code running mode issue


I have the time code mode set to PRESET and the initial value is the default 00:00:00. I have the Time Code Running Mode set to RECRUN which according to the doc, means that the time code should advance only when I am actually recording.

I'm having two issues with the time codes on my recorded video.

The first is related to the RECRUN setting. It starts out ok, but the time codes advance regardless of whether I'm recording or not. So if I stop recording and start again, the new clip has time codes which are not continuous with the previous clip. They have advanced during the non-recording time. This seems like a bug, but I can't be the first to have noticed this.

The second issue may be a misunderstanding on my part. When I'm finished recording and erase all the clips from the SD cards, I expected the next recording would start at the configured preset 00:00:00, but instead, it looks like it is going to start with whatever I ended up with on the last shoot (e.g. 01:24:45). I can manually fix this by going into the menu, finding the preset (which still says 00:00:00) and hitting reset, but I don't know why I have to do that every time I'm going to start a new video. Seems wrong.


Rising Star
Rising Star

I can only relate to when I had a G40, and now my C100. If the settings in the menu are correct the timecode should only increment when you actually record. It may be worthwhile checking your settings again. Erasing the clips from your SD card does not reset the timecode. You have to do this in the menu. This is the best way of working. For instance, though you have erased the card you may be carrying on shooting the subject from where you left off and need the timecode to continue.

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