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Video Recovery


I am looking for a solution to recover a video from camcorder's internal memory.  The camera I have is the Canon VIXIA HF R42 and I did find the same question posted 4 years ago but there was no apparent answer.  There must be a way.

The camera is connected to power and my computer (iMac) with the USB cable.  The cable is working because the camera does show USB Connection status and the Image Capture on the computer sees the content that I can download.

However, the two video recovery apps that I downloaded Wondershare Recoverit and Jihosoft Recovery Software do not see the camera as a drive.  They see all my other external drives but not the VIXIA.

Hence the problem how do I recover the video when the recovery software does not recognize the camera.  How can I make this happen.  Are there some drivers, setting, etc. that need to be taken care of or a different recovery app.

Thanks in advance


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,

I'm not sure what the solution might be on the software side but if you have not done so already I would recommend making sure that the camcorder is in the Playback mode rather than the recording mode when connected by USB, otherwise the computer would not see even a healthy drive.

Yes, the camera is on playback hence Image Browser can see the un-erased files and I can download them.

All these recovery apps say that you can just connect and the software will see the camera and you can scan and recover deleted files BUT the software is not seeing the camera.  Image Browser can 😞


Copy the internal memory to the card:


Thanks.  Yes, I can do that and copy the images directly to the computer though USB or alternatively onto the Scared and then through a reader.

My issue is that I erased (silly me) a video that was recorded into the camera's internal memory.  That video is not invisible so I cannot copy it anywhere.  I would like to recover it if possible.

BUT, the recovery software is not recognizing the camera as an external drive.


Hmmm, looking at the umber of relies I see this may be an impossible task.

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