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VIXIA HF G70 Picture Editing Software Recommendations


There is Canon Picture Style Editing software compatible with my Canon M50 Mark ii. Apparently, there is no such Canon software for my VIXIA HF G70. You can, blindly, edit picture styles in the camera, take a shot, see if you're even close to what you want. Does anyone know of aftermarket picture style editing software for the G70, or where premade style files like C-LOG can be purchased? I'd ask Canon but, I've been trying to get through to them for about 90 minutes with no luck, web, chat, email, smoke signals etc. Thanks



I can relate to your frustration with the absence of Canon Picture Style Editing software for the VIXIA HF G70. It seems navigating the camera's settings blindly can be challenging. While searching for aftermarket solutions, have you considered exploring third-party editing software like Remini for PC crack? It might offer the flexibility you need for customized picture styles. If you're looking for pre-made style files like C-LOG, exploring online communities or forums dedicated to videography could be a helpful avenue. Best of luck in finding the right solution!