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Static in the audio, Vixia HFR300

Occasional Contributor

I've had no problem until yesterday making videos with my Canon HFR300. The sound has been clean. When I shot some test scenes yesterday there was a lot of  static. I have been using a RadioShack lapel mic. I put a new battery in the mic but it still produced noise. When I film without the lapel mic the sound is OK.


My question: What kind of mic would be best with my camcorder? Would a wireless mic work with this camcorder? What make or model would be best?


Respected Contributor

Hi TommyVincent!


Thank you for posting.


The camcorder will work with almost any stereo microphone that will connect to the 3.5mm mic jack.  The recording levels may vary from one to the next, but static may indicate a problem with the mic or the connection.


  1. Is your lapel mic wireless or wired?
  2. Do you hear the static with other, wired mics attached?

If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.



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Occasional Contributor

I solved the static problem. When I was doing the filming my Denon receiver was in the pause mode instead of turned off. That pause mode was the cause of the static in the audio. I didn't solve the problem till the next day. Now my videos have no noise except for the sparrow outside my window.