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Seeking adapter to fit where "advanced mini shoe" used to be on ALL other models but Vixia HF G70


This post is about the "Mini Advanced Shoe" which has been present on every Vixia HF model up until the G70 where it is now gone.   I own a G30, G40, XA11, G50, G60 and now a G70.

G70 is missing the mini advanced shoeG70 is missing the mini advanced shoe

The Mini Advanced Shoe sits on the top of these cameras towards the rear (near the eyepiece).  Although we've never used the "advanced/smart" aspect of it (except with the XA11's top handle), we frequently use it with a mini->full shoe adapter to hold gear.  Sometimes an HDMI receiver, sometimes wireless audio receiver, sometimes a Shotgun mic.  Having this rear-located shoe is super important especially when the accessory might protrude forward and get into the frame, if not just because we can natively attach two different accessories.

I've removed the two screws on the G70's cover where the advanced shoe would go, and it reveals an open area with a small plastic insert screwed in to fill the gap.  With that removed you can see the four holes where the metal advanced shoe mount used to go. (but won't fit due to another plastic bit that's now blocking the full opening).

I'm posting to ask:

  1. Does, or will, Canon offer a shoe mount we can screw in there in place of this pointless plastic cover, so we can use it for accessories in cases like what I describe above?
  2. If not, does anyone on this forum have a 3D printer that could make a shoe mount that fits in this space?

Looking forward to dialog on this...

🙂 Rob



Hi redrob,

Did you ever find an answer to this? I just bought the DM-100 microphone only to discover that it does not seem to work with the HF G70.

Unfortunately, I didn't.   

I even tried attaching the handle from my XA11 but it's missing a small bit inside the back of the G70 to make that work.    Probably a simple(ish) thing for someone with a 3D printer, but that's not me.  Or even easier of Canon sold something!

For now I just avoid using my mic on that camera and use different models for situations where I need a top-shotgun.   

If you find something, please share!

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