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Seamless Combining of HF-G10 Clips


I used my HF-G10 to record a concert. The HF-G10 splits the recording into multiple files during recording, with file sizes not exceeding 2GB. I imported the recorded files from the camera using the Canon VideoBrowser (v1.0) utility (Windows 7, x64). When editing these imported clips in Sony Vegas Pro 12 there is small time discontinuity between clips. This cause a noticeable audio discontinuity in the recording live concert. 


Any thoughts?


p.s.: I notice the same small audio drop-out occuring during payback of these imported clips from the timeline of the Canon VideoBrowser editor. Also the camera is configured for parallel recording on the A and B SDXC cards. Card is A is a speed class 10 SanDisk 64 GB card and B is a class 4 SanDisk 64 GB.





I found that I can seamlessly combine the multiple HF-G10 created files from a continuous shoot (i.e., one uninterupted scene that was truncated into two or more files during the recording process) by using the DOS "copy /b file-1.mts+file-2.mts+file-N.mts Combine_File.mts", where  "Combine_File.mts" is the output file. So, I think I am in good shape.


Does the Canon Video Browser or Transfer Utility have the ability to stich together camera-truncated files automatically?






The software that came with your camcorder was made by Pixela Corporation.  From what we know, you can combine and trim clips with VideoBrowser.  I recommend that you contact them directly for support using VideoBrowser and the Transfer Utility.  I have provided a link to their website below:



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