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I have a Vixia HF M500. Can anyone recommend software to edit AVCHD movie files and burn them to DVD


Image Browser EX, which was included withthe camera, only works for the MP4 files.



Look into Adobe Premier Elements 11

Thanks for the suggestion bluejred.

I use Cyberlink PowerDirector 11.

Hi Barry.

That's the software I was leaning towards. But I had some questions about it.

Is it easy to use?

When you burn AVCHD to DVD is it high definition or does it down grade to standard definition? Or do you need a Blue-Ray burner?

Also, with the MP4 files, you know how the camera only plays them one at a time? Can CyberLink  piece them together to make one continuous movie?

Thanks for the help Barry.

Depending on what features you want to use, PD can be very easy.

As for AVCHD to DVD, that's got 2 answers...

1) You can burn AVCHD to DVD and retain the HD quality, but you need an AVC capable BR player to watch them. 

2) Normally, DVD burns downscale all content to SD so they meet the specs for most DVD players.

Much more info is on the Cyberlink forum.

Powerdirector can use just about any type of file, split/join/you name it, MP4 included.


Please note that HD video will bring an average computer to it's knees, so please download a trial version, join the PD forum, and ask questions.


Thanks a ton Barry.

I really appreciatethe advice.

How does an i5 compare to i7 in editing AVCHD without a dedicated graphics card?

The i7 is faster than i5 of course.  You'll be able to play AVHCD with either in FCP X (Final Cut Pro).  I've got an iMac i5 and a macbook retina i7.  They'll both play the straight AVHCD just fine but when you start adding text, edits and such, both machines will have to render to play perfectly smooth.  They'll play but not perfectly.  You really need to create proxy or optimized media.

I tried a real short project without the transcoding and really suffered editing the raw AVHCD footage, even on an i7.  If you do the transcode, they'll play without any stuttering.

Thanks for your input!  My Core2Duo screens the AVCHD just fine- I am asking about rendering strength / time. With Corel VideoStudio (or Sony Vegas Pro) is an i5 plus a GeForce faster than an i7 with no graphics card?  And how much difference does a Quadro card make over a GeForce? Over a Radeon? 

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