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HV20 as webcam


Is it possible via HDMI out to a capture card to use the HV20 as a live webcam?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Vaud,


Thanks for checking in with us!


The HV20 wasn't orginally designed as a webcam, but some of our customers have been able to use it that way. If your computer has an FireWire 400 port, you could try connecting and seeing if your computer recognizes it. If so, you could see if  a web-streaming program like OBS or a live-streaming platform like YouTube or Zoom recognizes it.


If your computer lacks a FireWire 400 port, then you could look into getting an I/O box from companies like AJA, Blackmagic Design, or Matrox that have FireWire 400 inputs and can output to compatible ports on your computer.


You may also wish to check with some of our dealers. They would be better positioned to make recommendations about third-party accessories that could work with your computer.


For a list with more of our authorized dealers, I suggest that you visit the link below: