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Good camcorder for a beginner!



Hello all!

I am looking around for a good handheld camcorder, something that is good for taking videos outdoors, hiking adventures and blogging, indoor/outdoor. Any ideals on models, tips would be apprecative. Budget is less then $500 I have been looking at wally world, still unsure. Anyhoo, thanks and have a great weekend and be well! 🙂



Not much at a sub $500 price point:


Consumer New:


Consumer Refurb:


Probably the HF R82 in this price range

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@shadowsports wrote:

...Probably the HF R82 in this price range

I'd agree, or HF-R80/800 for less. Great little camcorders. Or maybe an HF-W10 if you want something more rugged and waterproof. Never used one myself so don't know how the video quality compares.

Thanks, i would be buying it from wally world, rather then Canon direct. Just looking for a decent starter m gateway camcorder. Cheers!

The LCD screen is virtually worthless Outdoors. Try to find one with a viewfinder you can put your eye up to.

I know, they can be pretty hard to see outdoors, i perfer the ones you can put up to your face. Thanks!