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G30 replacement?


Greetings.  I am getting close to replacing my trusty old HDV HV20 camcorder.  After flirting with the idea of going with a mirrorless camera for video, I think I am leaning towards sticking with a camcorder format.  I already use a DSLR for my stills, and it won't do what I want for video (recording time limit, focusing, etc). 


Anyway I see the G30 has been out for more than a few years now.  I also know that no one knows for sure but for those plugged into the camcorder market, do they think the G30 will be updated?  Last year there were so few canon camcorder releases I am trying to figure out if they are just going to keep marginally updating those lines or if we will see an updated G30.


It seems like adding 4K to the G30 might be logical.


I shoot outdoors, family fun, vacations, indoor local rock a variety. I use Premiere Pro for editing so it can ingest whatever I throw at it.








Hello BJB, 

Canon does not make the announcements ahead of time when it comes to new releases.  We would announce it first on the Canon USA web site at  

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LOL.....yes I am aware that Canon cannot officially pre-announce a product because a customer asked...


I was just looking for some logical assumptions based on what is happening in the camcorder market.  For example in the DSLR market it is pretty easy to figure out when line X is going to be upgraded and at what show.


I have done some research and saw that only the lower-end canon cammcorders were updated at CES last year.



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