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HF R68 accessing features


Hi everyone.


I purchased 2 Legria HF R68.


1. I have mounted them on rotating motor on height. 

2. I have used AV 3.5mm jack as video output which I need to get on my screen.


Now, I need to access them from below or from distance, for that wifi option is available by which I can install app on my android device and can connect to R68.


However, manual says that if we connect the wifi, camcorder doesn't give output of video on screen. Or if output on screen is on, we cant connect it by wifi.


So my main concern is, how should I access the camcorder for zoom in zoom out or power it on or off without climbing 😞


Please help me out as we have already purchased this thing and now I cant find any remote to operate this camcorders functions, I had also tried inserting 3.5mm IR into it, but it seems 3.5mm jack is only for AV and headset.


Please help.

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