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Elura 60 dead


I have no power either plugged in or full charged battery cr1616 installed as well.I saw on another forum discussion that there are micro switches on the doors for battery and card reader.Can anyone give me more info on that or any other possible solutions please.The camera had not been used in 2 years or so prior.Never had a problem with it loved it.




If you haven't changed any of the DIP switches ( i vaguely remember these) then it might be time to accept that the camera is 17 yrs old.


Granted it was a great camera.  I owned one myself.  

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Hello Rick Believe it or not I do not know what a DIP switch is.Could you enlighten me sir?

hey Rick I wonder if this thing would be worth anything parted out all these circuit boards and the lense and everything are very high quality would be a shame to let it go to waste. Where would you sell or part something out like this?Any help or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.