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Does anyone have info on the Canon LX-200?


Here is what and where I've searched so far:


  • The camera is a Canon LX-200. It is a Hi8 camcorder from around 1994 or 1995.
  • In October of 1994, the Canon LX-L2 was released and later featured as advertising in various magazines such as American Cinematographer. The L200 was not mentioned in any archives that I searched in. Scan of the mention of the L2 in 1994:
  • One website called Popscreen has 2 photos of this camera pulled from eBay. I think the photos might be of the same camera that I have here, but could not confirm. They're small and blurry.
  • This camera was purchased on the East Coast a few years back. It is in working condition and has one lens plus some batteries.
  • I have contacted at least 12 potential experts including three former Canon USA employees. None have responded yet.
  • I also sent an email to Gimlet, but likely won't hear back from them.


Am I just terrible at searching or did this camera just miss out on the whole Internet boom? Why would Canon not include it in its Canon Camera Museum, which is supposed to have every camera they ever manufactured? Link to the photo gallery:

click here to view the gallery