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Canon XF 305 Missing Files?


So, the studio where I do my freelancing and part time work recently got a new Canon XF 305.

We've been using it for a few weeks with no issues, we've had two 305s for the past two years before and also have 3 300's that we've had for years. Using 32 gig scandisk chips...but something weird happened with some filming we did yesterday.

We shot some content. And when we went to edit today the chip was...blank? The Canon format contnet and clips folders were there, along with the index, but none of the individual folders for each time the record button had been pressed. However when the chip was inspected to see how much space was free, half the space was filled up.

I used file recovery software and found all the content we filmed that day. Couldn't import them to my editing software because it said there was some kind of error, which is expected for running through a lengthy file recovery so I'm running the clips through a video encoder to side step the issue, but i can't figure out how this happened.

Why didn't it properly generate the clips in the camera? When plugged into the camera rather than the computer the camera recognized there were clips there but couldn't play them back. I'm so perplexed with this and wonder if anyone has seen anything similar while using the XF series?




I am sorry to hear this is the case.  Depending on the process you used to import or process the files can have an effect on the file.  You may wish to test with another card in the camera that is properly formatted in the unit.  

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