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Canon XA10


I just started a new job, and it looks like they will be having me shoot video with their camera (Canon XA10). I'm going through some online tutorials to familiarize myself with this equipment, but I have two questions that I'd like to ask the community:


(1) The Canon XA10 captures video as MTS files. Is there any way I can have it record directly to MP4 format? 


(2) After having shot some videos, the playback screen on the camera shows that a file has been created, but the thumbnail shows as a "?" and will not play back on the LCD screen. The file is there and will play once I download it to my computer, but it does not seem to want to playback on the camera. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 





No, you are stuck with AVCHD MTS files on the XA10. You can only set the recording bit rate. The next model the XA20 had the option for MP4 recording.


You can use the Free version of AVCHD to MOV utility to convert your files to MOV files for editing. 

I use the Rewrap Mov AAC output setting


Or you can use the open source VLC Media Player package 


In regards to camera playback. It sounds like the recording media is corrupted. Try initialising the internal or external media depending which one you are using.


Good Luck!


Thank you for your detailed reply, Mike. I appreciate the feedback. 


Sounds like I can just convert MTS files to MOV or MP4 for editing. 


I deleted the old corrupted files. Now all of the new files I create have a thumbnail and they playback just fine.