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Canon HG10 usb settings


I have a Canon Vixia HG10 that was just repaired recently, but now when I try connecting it to my computer, the computer does not recognize it. I tried troubleshooting this myself for 2 hours with no resolve. One of the things I did see while trying to research for a solution was changing the USB settings on this, but don't see that anywhere on the camcorder, anyone have any good suggestions for this?



Hi BJudd85!

To ensure the most accurate information is provided, we will need to know the version of Windows or Mac in use.

Thanks and have a great day!

I'm running a Windows 7 x64 computer. I've tried everything literally, changed usb cords was one of the things that I did do. Use to recognize it before it stopped work and had it sent away to be repaired, which had a bad main circuit board. It works now but I can't get the computer to see it when I connect it. My fiance has the same kind and it pulls it right up when I connect it to my computer, so it has something to do with the settings for my camcorder. Any suggestions you have for this?


Hello BJudd85,

Follow these troubleshooting steps if the computer does not recognize  the USB connection from the camcorder.


- Are you using the USB cable that came with the camcorder?


- Is the USB cable connected securely to both the camcorder and computer?


- Are you using the compact power adapter that came with the camcorder?


- Is  the compact power adapter plugged into a active wall outlet or power strip?


- Is the compact power adapter securely connected to the camcorder?


- Try changing the camcorder's USB SETTINGS to PC/PRINTER.


- Reboot the computer.


- Close down all applications and services that may be interferring with the connection.


- Disconnect all USB devices from the computer, except the keyboard and mouse and retry the connection.


- Does Device Manager recognize the device with no errors or warnings?


- The camcorder will be listed under Disk Drives as CANON VIDEO CAMERA USB DEVICE and under Universal Serial

Bus Controllers as Mass Storage Device.


- Test the USB port on the computer by connecting a different USB device.


- When testing the USB port on the computer, if the other device operates  the USB cable may need to be replaced or the camcorder serviced.


- When testing the port on the computer, if the other USB device does not  operate then the issue is being caused by the computer.


- Move the camcorder to a different USB port on the computer.


- Move the camcorder to a different computer.    


- If the computer is connected to a network, try disconnecting the  camcorder from the network and connect the camcorder to a computer  that is not on a  network.

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