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Canon HF G30 Audio Mix

Canon HF G30 Audio Mix

Quick question about external mic vs shoe mic.

When you run with built in mic versus external mic, you can mix the two. With shoe mic and external mic this seems to disappear.

I am using the Canon DM-100 which supports the Canon proprietary shoe.

What I really want to do is switch between using the DM-100 directional Mic and a wireless Lavalier mic without having to remove the DM-100.

At the moment it seems like I have to remove the DM-100, which if I am out and about, or even recording at home, means it gets put somewhere where it can easily get damaged / lost / forgotten / broken. It seems like the connection is quite sensitive, and I don't want to break it given it's quite expensive.

If I could switch between external and shoe mic without having to remove any hardware, that would be great. is that possible anyone know?


Hello wcndave, 

I believe that the method to cut out the feed from the DM-100 is to disconnect it if you wished to use an external microphone.  

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OK, Bit of a shame.


You can switch and mix between internal and external normally, however when you replace internal with "smart" shoe mic, you can't anymore.


Can't see why technically not.


It means doing frequent rapid changes of a rather delicate device, which will get shoved into jacket pockets and so on...


Firmware update?

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