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Canon GX10 fan noise


I am going to purchase this camcorder but have some doubt  about it's fan noise. One question is about it's value during recording. Another question is about an operation mode when a fan works. It's clear that the fan works at 4K 60(50)fps. But what about 4k 30(25)fps and so on. Or may be I have to wait until Canon release new model with the same data without fan?


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When set to [Automatic], the fan will run when the camcorder gets too hot. This is more likely to happen sooner at higher resolutions and bitrates, but heat buildup can have external causes as well as internal so there would not be any setting which is guaranteed not to use the fan.

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I know this info. But what is the noise level?



The noise level will depend on the heat buildup in the camcorder. Typically you would not hear this very loudly by ear but since the microphone is inside the camcorder it may pickup the fan noise occasionally.



My comments are more in regards to performance.  Fan noise might be influences by how you intend to use the camera.  If indoors, it might not be an issue at all.  The footage from the GX-10 with its updated FW is stunning.  Even in low or night time illumination / lighting. 


I have not found any specifications which discusses fan noise (dB) ratings etc.  This would likely need to come from Canon.  


GX-10 Specs Sheet


Worth noting, Page 38 of the user manual.  Fan has 2 mode settings.  Always on or Automatic.  Automatic states "Use this setting when you do not want the camera to pick up the fan's operating sound"


GX-10 Manual


I was going to buy a GX-10 myself.  Ultimately I hit the pause button. I have only seen one post here where the user stated he had overheating issues that its fan was not able to overcome and caused the camera to shut down.  His use case was outdoor day shooting at a football field.  It was in direct sunlight.


Worthy of your consideration, the G60 at 4K 30 also looks good.  Its slightly smaller and lighter.  It also lacks the second digic 6 chip which is why it only does 30P.  It doesn't have a fan.  So if fan noise is a concern and you see yourself using the camera outdoors in typical summer temps, be sure to do your research.

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Thak you very much, Rick!

G60 is an alternative, but 4K 30 (25 in my case). It's a difficult choice.

By the way. Is Canon GX10 out of production?

I nearly sprang for a GX10 last summer when B&H were selling refurbished units, for less than price of the HF-G60 IIRC. But I was shooting too little video to justify the upgrade (from my HF-G40). Glad I didn't now, as I would definitely want the Custom Picture feature.


As to whether the GX10 is 'out of production'. The fact that the GX10 doesn't get the CP feature firmware upgrade suggests to me that the writing is on the wall. I noticed when the firmware upgrade (for the other models) was announced B&H were selling the GX10 at a discount price with limited stock, which indicated that they were clearing ex-stock. But they now have it back in stock and I haven't seen any official announcement that the GX10 is discontinued - so who knows ?


As for the fan and over-heating. I had dialogue with someone who was recording 'Roller Derby' matches on the GX10 at 2160p60 and posting them on YouTube. There are gazillions of them - the channel is 'layer9' if anyone is interested. With the fan set to Automatic (so the fan only operates, as needed, when not recording) he/she could get around 30 minutes of continuous recording, or 45-50 minutes of recording 2 minute takes with 30 second breaks, before the warning (yellow) alarm appeared. The indoor ambient temperature was typically around 20 deg C


Edit: If you watch any of the videos you'll see there is constant zooming in and and out to follow the action and  he/she did mention that the zoom servo is a bit noisy if the zoom speed is turned up to max. I don't know to what extent heavy zooming adds to the heat build-up.

Thank you for reply, Inapickle