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Any way to mute camcorder from picking up audio?


I use a Canon Optura 50 camcorder to record 8mm movies and then transfer video to my computer for editing. The camcorder is  picking up the projector sound that is heard with video. Is there a way to mute the camcorder not to pick up the projector sound? I use Pinnacle Studio 23 Plus and haven't found way to delete  the audio from the video in the editing area.







Mute when recording?  I had an Optura many many moons ago.  Don't remember, but not likely possible.  


I'd have to look at Pinnacle...  Haven't used them in over 20 yrs.. 


This is off their website:


Audio Editing

Fade audio in and out, or mute clips completely with just a few clicks.

Pinnacle Studio Plus supports 24 audio/video tracks. Edit across unlimited tracks with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.


I see no reason why you couldn't do this in the timeline editor.  


I found this in 30 sec:

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Thanks for your suggestions. I did mute in timeline and works  fine.

A simple way is to plug in a cord that goes nowhere. It will kill your mics for the recording without messing with menus.