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Hi,Do the setting in the Pro-300 print driver that interacts with Windows 10 take priority over the settings in the Canon Professional Print & Layout software, or do the software settings take priority over the print driver?Thanks,Jerry
The Canon website is taking me around and around in circles as I try to get support for my new Pro-300 printer.    Am I not entitled to support after purchasing this device brand-new about 3 weeks ago?    I have registered the product and provided pr...
Hi,The printer is printing beautifully.  But the borders are not correct.  When I choose borderless with a 13x19"  paper size, the left border is borderless but the right border shows.  I've tried different settings but am asking for help as I don't ...
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NGC 1499 is an emission nebula located about 1000 light-years from Earth, also known as the California Nebula in the constellation Perseus, 
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