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Got a Replacement from Canon A Refurbished Pixma MG 3220 and it still makes Banging Noises when stating up, However will Print Then, Plua I hope it's O.K. to Remove (Creative) Premium Pack from Programs Thanks, Gorpy1
Why does my rather New Canon MG 3220 printer make banging noises right before trying to print, That's the same noise my Dell printer made right before it broke, Does anyone know if that is normal? Plus I get alot of paper jams, Thankyou, Gorpy1
My Canon Pixma MG3220 will not accept regular Plain paper and I keep getting error messages that there is No paper in the paper tray when in fact there is, Sometimes I have to push it a little to get it going, It's the proper type. Will Canon Priners...
Will a Canon Pixma MG 3220 work with Windows 7 and or Windows 8 or 8.1 I'm using it with XP at the moment through a USB port, Thankyou, Gorpy1
Called Canon they said they would send me some ink , Lets see Otherwise If I hadn't downloaded the software already I might return it........Thanks, Gorpy1
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