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VIXIA HF R80 Wireless Mic Suggestions?


Hi Everyone!  I have a Canon Vixia HF R80 camcorder and would like to start filming some of my hunts. This requires me to have a wireless mic attached to me in the field. Can anyone tell me exactly what I should get that will work with my camcorder? And I'm also wondering something else.. When I'm not filming myself in the field with a wireless mic, can I attach an external microphone to this type of camera? And if so, what would you suggest I buy for it?

Many thanks for any help!



I've never used one, but I think you're looking for something like the "RODE Wireless GO II Single 1-Person Compact Digital Wireless Omni Lavalier Microphone System/Recorder Kit".  I cannot link to the actual B&H Photo product listing here, but if you search on that product, it should bring it up.

There are probably other brands as well.

It appears (though I'm not 100% on this), that the receiver unit has a 3.5mm output that should work with your camcorders 3.5mm mic input.   Not sure if these kits include the cable that would go from the receiver to your camcorder.


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Thanks, Ricky! I'll look into it!


Yes - as Ricky says, the RODE Wireless GO II is designed for this purpose and will do a fine job with your camera.

Alternatively the DJI wireless microphone is a direct competitor. I have one and it works really well. It comes with the 3.5mm jack cable you need to connect to your camera. I rather expect the RODE does too.

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Thank you! You two have guided me in the right direction. I'll check it out. 😉 

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