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triple head mount with 580exii issue


I have two 580 EX 2 flash and 2 Vivatar 285hv's.  I am using a triple head mount for 3 of the flashes and 1 flash as a rim light.

If I use a 580 only on the triple head as a master and the other 580 as the rim as a slave they both fire.  

If I use 2 580's on the triple head (master and slave) with a Vivitar as the rim with an optic slave trigger all 3 flash.  

BUT, no combination allows all 4 to flash.  

As soon as I put 2 Vivitars' and a 580 master on the triple head holder the slave won't fire?  If I put a master and slave and a Vivitar on the triple mount the slave 580 quits firing.  I can use 2 580's (slave and master) on the triple mount and then a Vivitar as rim and it works.  There is no connection electronically between all of these.  Just the light of the flash firing.  Any ideas?  


It must be some sort of timing issue. There are pre-flashes involved, aren't there? Maybe some particular sequences cause the flashes that haven't fired to get confused.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Not sure about "pre-flash" but perhaps post flash.  It receives the signal from the master 580 which triggers others and the sequence confuses the other 580 no matter where it is in the order.  A lot of money to pay for a flash with such a shortcoming, wouldn't you agree?  


I appreciate your input.  Looks like I must live with this or try an optic slave on the 2nd 580.  Maybe that $8 technology is superior to that in a $600 flash?