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my 580 will not recognize my canon L lenses on my eos 6d. Never had the problem before. Suggestion


Any suggestions?  It just shows ETTL          M Zoom          14mm      accross the top of the unit.  This is with the 16-35mm lens or the 100mm macro lens.  ??


I've loaned my 580EX II out to a friend so I can't pull up my speedlite... but offhand it looks like you've set it to "manual zoom" mode at 14mm.

The reflector behind the strobe electrically moves forward or backward to change the shape / concentration of the light spread. As you zoom a lens, the flash can automatically move the reflector in response (within the limits of travel).

But it is also possible to put the "zoom" of the flash head into manual mode and when you do this, then you have to control the the zoom setting (using the dial on the flash) manually.

Based on your description, it looks like this is what you have done.

Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

It's the plastic diffuser...  I have no idea what that thing is called.  The clear plastic piece that pulls out of the end to spread a wider coverage.  It's out, possibly just a tiny bit.  Pull it all the way out and put it in firmly.  Happens on occasion.


I believe the zoom only goes down to 24mm, the diffuser does something wide like 14mm and will flash that icon to let you know its out.


Note that you do need to use that diffusion panel with the wide end of your 16-35mm... any focal length 23mm or wider... but not with the 24-35mm range of that zoom or with your 100mm macro lens.