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Yongnuo YN560 III Not Firing on EOS 800D


Hi Y'all.

Some help please. I have a Canon 800D and a YongNuo YN560 III Speedlight. When it is OFF camera, it fires. When it is connected to the hotshoe it does not 😞

I'm in manual mode.

I have tried with and without liveview.

I have turned the speedlight on before the camera...

In the DSLR settings, there is no setting for an external flash - it's as though it doesn't recognise it.

Is there way to find out if this exact model of speedlight which I have is compatible with Canon?

Does anyone know what I can do to fix it?



Where did you buy it? How are you firing it when it is off the camera.

I do not believe the flash is compatible with any manufacturer’s camera body. This appears to be a fully manual flash, one that probably requires an external triggering device. I notice that it does have a “PC Sync” port for external triggering, too.

A flash that is compatible with the Canon TTL/E-TTL system would probably say so in its description. This model does not describe it as being compatible with any brand, except for a Yongnuo wireless trigger, which I am not certain is radio controlled.

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Hi AndiBlair the "External Speedlite Control Menu" can ONLY be used with Canon's speedlites not 3rd party flash units. Since this a 3rd party speedlite you will have to have Yongnuo repair the speedlite. I would also check to make sure that flash firing is not disabled in the camera menu.


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