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Transmitter ST E3 RT


I really like the autofocus on my  5D mark III and would hate to loose any of it for my wedding photogrpahy.

As you know receptions and wedding venues are extremely dark.


I have two 600 EX RT flashes now and can't decide between an ST E3 RT or a third 600 EX RT

downside with ST RT is no AF assist beam.


Any comments from ST RT users?



The focusing system on the 5DM3 is amazing -- especially when combined with the AF-beam from the 600EX-RT, which is optimized for the 61-point AF system in your camera. I've literally shot in the dark with perfect focus in every frame. If an AF-beam is a priority for your work, then the 600EX-RT is the better choice.



I've read your books on the 580 and learned a lot.

Keep up the great work.  When do we get the 600 EX RT version?


Traded to a 5D3 and two 600EXRTs after seeing your initial  review just for the RT ability and to fully take advantage of

GROUPS ( a feature only accessed by the 5D3 and the 1Dx)


Agree the AF in the 5D3 is amazing, my keepers in low light have increased markedly.


Question:  why is the AF assist beam not on the camera?

I'm basically were you are. So I got my 600 about 3 weeks ago, got my ST--E3-RT last night. Ordered another 600 today. It will hurt but in a month I'm going to order my 3rd 600. Coverage for every situation. Not sure if this was helpful.   

Get the ST-E3-RT despite the lack of the AF assist beam.  You will love the almost weight-less tiny size of the unit.  For times when you need the AF assist, slap on a 600.


Once Canons gets your money and other people money, they will release the ST-E3-RT II with AF assist beam.  Cat Wink



yeah thats true everytime i buy something it gets upgraded by canon within months,


so get ready guys for the assit beam on the ST-E3_RT  soon!!!!


but like the guys say use the ST E3 RT until you really need the beam in low light, anyone serious about strobe work will have 3 or 4 600's anyway


lets hope the get 430's out soon with RT ,anyone else thinking that way?



@kev857 wrote:

lets hope the get 430's out soon with RT ,anyone else thinking that way?



Yes, where is that sucker?  I figured we would have had it about 6 months after the 600.  Now I have no idea when.