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Speedlite 600ex-rt battery problem


I have just bought a 600ex-rt ... But the batteries I put in it (which are all new) only result in a "replace battery" sign and the flash refuses to switch on.

I have tried 3 new sets of batteries, all are top grade lithium batteries, is there a known issue with lithium batteries - the manual says they can be used?

Many thanks for any info that could help.

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Any luck with fresh alkaline? I've only used Eneloop Ni-MH in my 600. Sounds like a defective speedlite.

Just been out and bought some standard alkaline AA's - same result. Brand new batteries, nothing but the replace battery symbol.

If its defective, does it go back to canon under warranty? Or return to Amazon where I bought it from for replacement?

Well, that's an oddity!!!

Put the batteries in and turned it on - nothing. Turned it on and closed battery cover while in the on position - and it's started working fine. Very odd.

Thanks for the replies.

Thank you for posting this. That fixed it for me. That is a crazy problem and I would like it fixed.

just received my new 600-EXRT... directly from canon.

and i get the same problem as you guys had.


i also though there might be some trick, but closing the battery cover while  the flash is on ON with the batteries inside doesn't work.

i get the symbol with a crossed out battery - which tells me that the unit IS getting power from somewhere, how else could it display the symbol...

I have been happily using these great sanyo eneloop rechargables forever with the 580EXII (and before that with the 430EX), they are the best rechargable batteries i believe...
but when i take them out of the 580EXII (which powers on nicely, as always) and put those same charged batteries into the 600 EX-RT the symbol with a crossed out battery appears...
what's wrong???
does the 600 EX-RT need special rechargable batteries?
should it be relevant: these are the batteries:
any additional ideas?

Makes no sense. I also use the same batteries, used them in a 580EX II and a couple of 430 EX IIs. Now I'm using them in a couple of 600s.

Not an expert on batteries but maybe there is a partial charge or battery memory issue going on. I do recondition my eneloops from time to time.

thanks for the thoughts... and i also will agree: it makes no sense...
again: i am literally taking them out of the 580 and putting those into the 600...

i also wrote canon support, so let's see if they come up with a reply. i'll share

Did canon reply back to you on your battery issue.  I am having the very same problem.  This is my second speedlite.  I returned the first one.

stupid question, independent of the 600 question: how do you recondition your eneloops?
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