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Radio communication issues.EL-1, 600EXII-RT, 430EXIII-RT, YN686EX-RT, ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter


Hello, Canon. Hi everyone, I've been a professional wedding and event photographer for 25 years, and in the last two years. I have used around six off-camera flash techniques using the six flashes mentioned above. After hundreds of weddings in the previous month, I have connection-linking issues. I read and checked every tutorial possible, and nothing helped.:( I know the menu's sub menus' custom settings, and the only flash linked for hours is the Yonguno YN686EX-RT. All of my Canon brands flash, losing connection after 5-minute. I attached two cellphone photos where you can see the problems after 5-minute. CANON or some of you guys have any idea what's going on? PLEASE HELP ME! Thank you so much. 



Yeah, I ended up buying a set of the round head Flashpoint (Godox) speedlites. It’s sad because the EL-1 is a beast of a flash, never overheats (with practical use) and has 0.9 full power recycle power without adding an external booster 😞. Was really stoked to use the EL-1’s for night lighting mixing with ambient because of it’s ability to go down to a tiny 1/8192 power setting. But sadly the Canon flashes don’t even work outdoors for me anymore either.


No need to give up your favorite flashes: just purchase some YONGNUO YN622C II transceivers.  Unlike other YN products, these have never let me down and, best of all, they're flash agnostic.  They also come with an AF/assist beam (the utility of which is limited).

No flash system is without faults.  Much of the "fixes" (wink, wink) re the RT system on the forums here came from the frustrated on Godox forums. It's how much Canon charges that make failures so painful and irritating.


I just received an EL-1 in the mail after a long wait to use with my 1-DX Mkiii but before I open it, this thread has me wanting to return it for plenty of T-Max 4x5 while I can. I did demo a Godox model but it could not keep up with my DSLR camera’s shutter. I’ve been repairing old Metz45’s for a while and am still using flashbulbs for my lighting and have Dynalights in my studio. I also used the Strobbies 360 (Godox) with the battery packs and they worked well but eventually had issues with connectors and cables. Modern gear is so much fun isn’t it? My cheap 433mhz triggers never failed me nor did my Vivitar 283/285 or Nikon SB-80 for that matter. *Picks up Graphic and loads a Sylvania Blue-Dot For-Sure-Shots* However Wi-fi interference is a big deal, especially in the 2.4Ghz range….everyone has access-points that are screaming!