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EOS 70D & 430EX II


I have Canon 430EXII and 70D. 

Is it possbile to fire the 430EX II from 70D by not using the native (built-in) flash IS the trigger.

I was wondering if I can get any good and cheap remote flash trigger for these camera and flash.

May be something like Yongnuo or PocketWizard but now sure which one to get.


I am really not fond of this optical trigger which requires line-of-sight to the off-camera flash.

Sometimes it doesn't fire at all.


Really looking for radio trigger which is compatible with 70D and 430EX II. 


Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.


Thank you.




Yes, and I highly recommend it.  If you want PocketWizards and have the cash, then go for it, but they're not cheap.  Yonguo on the other hand, has single handedly revolutionized budget wireless flash.  Budget flash triggers used to be unreliable (the stigma still lingers, but mostly among people with no actual hands on experience with modern third party gear), but today Yongnuo makes a full line of flash and RF triggers, with more options and features than even Canon offers, at a much lower price.


If you're ok with manual flash (no automatic power control), then get the Yongnuo RF-603 II (about $30 for a pair).


If you want eTTL then you'll need the Yongnuo RF-622, they cost a bit more (about $80 for a set).  I highly recommend getting the Canon-specific master unit instead of two tranceivers (also needs to be Canon specific).  It has an LCD readout and buttons for setting power.







I have both manual triggers and the 622 eTTL triggers, and a whole lot of flashes.  Honestly, I hardly ever use the 622s because I just don't see much need for off-camera eTTL flash.  But if you're new to flash and manual photography, eTTL makes it a bit easier to get started.



Depending on the trigger, you may lose your E-TTL capability... so you'll need to be mindful of that (though some do provide E-TTL capability).


HOWEVER... the sensor that notices the on-camera flash firing is in the lower part of the 430EX II (behind the red lens).  This needs to face the 70D.  The head swivels, so point the lower half of the unit to face the camera and point the head to wherever you need the light.  It will detect the flash and fire reliably at surprisingly far distance and even in daylight... provided it has that line of sight.  


Radio is better and you can do interesting things like hide the flash (I literally had to do a shoot yesterday where this was required... I needed to boost light in a specific area of the scene and the only way to do that was to hide the flash behind another object in the scene).  You can also fully enclose the flash inside a softbox (no line of sight) when using radio.  So that's a really nice perk, and it's less likely that something will interfer with radio (more reliable about firing.)


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


I have the same set up you have, but then i came across the YongNuo brand, oh my God. 


for under $300 i was able to get 3 YN560-IV speedlites and the YN560-TX trigger,  again  under $300.  


it really depends on what you use it for. I use my 40EX II for portrait photography and use my wireless YongNuo for real estate photography.  Each one cost about $71 and the trigger is $50. 


I know Tim Payne that can help you buy them,  he will sell them to you and then follow up with personal assitance via messenger,  he also have a Youtube channels that pretty much leave you well educated, you hardly have to reach out after viewing his videos. 


 hope all this helps. 



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