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Sunrise Compositions and Processing


Good morning all, I am definitely a sunrise/sunset fan.  I have a part of my smugmug galleries devoted to the subject.  Sunrise over the sea or ocean is to me a fun challenge. So many composition items are needed to avoid a flat image; cropping to keep the best elements without large areas of simple color; careful experimenting to avoid noise in the initial dramatic low light of sunrise, working your exposure triangle to get the best image.

I had a great opportunity to work on composition and processing after an early morning in St Augustine Florida.  Thought I'd post a few here and welcome the feedback on the photos to see how you all approach the problems of composition--rule of thirds, depth through foreground subjects--and processing--denoise, luminance, vibrance, contrast.  I use my EOS R5 that I love for capture and Lightroom for processing.Florida-min.jpgFlorida-1-min.jpgFlorida-2-min.jpgFlorida-3-min.jpgFlorida-4-min.jpgFlorida-5-min.jpgFlorida-7-min.jpg

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