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Great way to kick start my motorsport photography season


I enjoy motorsport photography - almost anything with an engine and wheels counts - but the weather in the UK has not been kind so far, until this weekend. I went to a grasstrack race meeting about an hour's drive from me.

Grasstrack races are run on grass fields - usually farmer's fields - over an oval track 400 metres in length. There are various classes including solo and sidecars. Most classes run anticlockwise round the track, but some of the sidecar classes run clockwise so you have to adapt your brain to adapt to the different directions possibly from race to race.

EOS R6 Mark II with EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM lens

1/800th, f/6.3 ISO 2001/800th, f/6.3 ISO 2001/125th, f/11, ISO 1001/125th, f/11, ISO 100

I use Tv mode and have a special custom button configuration on my EOS R6 Mark II that switches the shutter speed to 1/800th when I press the AF-ON button. I've stopped using back button AF so this is a good use of the AF-ON button for me. It means I can capture a frozen shot and a panned shot of the same competitor on the same bend. This is really helpful as these are only 4-lap races and the dust can black the view from lap 3.

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How cool is that.  I love these shots.

Bay Area - CA

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Thank's Rick. It seems like every attempt to point the camera at motorsport has been thwarted by the weather this year, but now I've managed to get the first few shots in the bag. By coincidence I'd photographed the same sport at another track as my last motorsport event last year.

EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author


These are awesome images.  In particular I was caught by the reflection in the visor of the front rider in the first image - it showed up the track ahead and you caught it at just the right moment.  Having appreciated your other work, definitely you are a photographer of many talents!

cheers, TREVOR

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Thank you for the generous comments, they are very much appreciated. People and motorsports are my preferred subjects but I do photograph almost everything to build my skills to help other photographers

EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author