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Getting ready for another Eclipse


The Great Eclipse is just a few weeks away, still trying to figure out where exactly I'm heading in Northern New England.  Kind of thinking Burlington VT (weather permitting) as it is within a reasonable 1/2 day driving distance from my house in CT.  As long as the sky is clear, this will be my 3rd eclipse.  I was in TN for the 2017 Full event, and in MA for the partial in 2021.  

For the 2017 Event, I was using a well used Rebel XTi 400D with a T-mount, on an older 5" Meade Reflector Telescope (1020mm, f/7.9 equivalent), with a homemade solar filter held in place by a rubber band.   Challenge was the camera didn't have live view and I had to manually focus by trial and error.  Once I got it the best I could, I just left the telescope tracking (checking from time to time to keep the sun centered in the shot) and triggered the shutter every 30 seconds with an app on a tablet.  Meant to change the shutter rate to every 1/2 second during totality, but got distracted by the event and forgot to change the setting, so I only ended up with a handful of shots during totality.   35962108384_3d6d82bbbd_h[1].jpg36031156284_43bc5d5f94_h[1].jpg37080834802_b355b584fc_h[1].jpg37253042535_d83a011db2_h[1].jpg35920483504_28af5bcf93_h[1].jpg36694798982_25f6926db3_h[1].jpg35948627603_3641ac0873_h[1].jpg


The partial, was visible from my house, but I drove about 45 minutes north and shot it at a highway rest stop. I was using a 90D with a 70-200mm f/5.6 at 1/8000th. Didn't bring the telescope time, just a tripod.   I was a little concerned because it was a little cloudy, but the high clouds added a nice texture to the shots. 


Walt Felix

EOS 5D Mk IV, 90D, 400D