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EOS R6 mark II Digital Tele-converter Examples


In case you don't know, the R6 II has a digital tele-converter feature. Since it is different from the 1.6 cropping feature, I assume it interpolates to make the 2X and 4X full frame (6000 x 4000 pixels). You have to set quality to JPeG as it will not work when set to Raw and the selection for it in the "Shooting 1" menu will not be accessible. TBH, I shoot Raw only, so if you are a JPeG shooter, you may be able to get better results. I just left the R6 II set to it's defaults and you may squeeze better quality by adjusting one of the picture styles. I think mine was set to Standard, so maybe some adjustments to one of the styles would produce better results.

These were shot using an RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L IS USM lens. Since I just shoot Raw, this feature isn't that important to me, but if you are a JPeG shooter, it could come in handy, IMO, especially if you have a program that is good at sharpening images.

Full frame Raw.

1X Full Frame Raw.1X Full Frame Raw.

Full Frame 2X.

2X Full Frame JPeG.2X Full Frame JPeG.

Full Frame 4X.4X Full Frame JPeG.4X Full Frame JPeG.

Raw 100% Zoom and Crop.

1X Raw 100% Zoom and Crop.1X Raw 100% Zoom and Crop.

2X 50% Zoom and Crop.

2X JPeG 50% Zoom and Crop.2X JPeG 50% Zoom and Crop.

4X 25% Zoom and Crop.4X JPeG 25% Zoom and Crop.4X JPeG 25% Zoom and Crop.

4X 25% Zoom and Crop and Lightly Enhanced with Topaz Sharpen.4X JPeG 25% Zoom and Crop - Topaz Sharpened.4X JPeG 25% Zoom and Crop - Topaz Sharpened.





Newton, thanks for posting these - they are very interesting.   Sony have something somewhat similar in the RX-10MkIV and the results are impressive!

As always, much depends on what is going to produce, but for modest-size prints and digital display viewing the images might work.

cheers, TREVOR

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I still have some testing to do, which will take some time because this is my wife's camera. That is why I used the moon (she was in bed), LOL. I have to admit that the shots are lacking a bit as I just snapped off a few of each, hand held, and was quite unsteady at 2 a.m. Actually kind of funny 🙂 I'm interested to see how it works on our usual targets, birds.


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