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CanoScan LiDE 400 - 4800 dpi issue, won't go past 600 dpi


Hi everyone,

I have followed most of the advice regarding my new scanner but am still stuck with 600DPI resolution. I am working with Windows 11 and have a recent laptop. I have tried via scan app and also via Canon Utility. However the latest does not show any driver. So I cannot change the settings as suggested in one forum. Would you be able to help? Many thanks for your helpScreenshot 2023-11-29 100832.png



if you go to scangear, you can get up to 1200 dpi.  i don't know how to go higher


after some trial and error, I found out you can do 4800 DPI.  the limitation of the ScanGear software is apparently memory.  But oh well.  image cannot exceed 50,000x50,000 pixels or 4GB.  so the biggest image I was able to scan at 4800 DPI is 6.7 inches x 9.20 inches which is just below 4GB in size for a JPEG.  I shouldn't have any limitations because my PC has 128 GB of RAM and 80 TB of storage.  In order to get to 4800 DPI, you have to use ScanGear.  you have to go to the settings for ScanGear and select the checkbox for "Enable large image scans".  Once the setting is saved, go to ScanGear to scan the image.  TYPE 4800 into the resolution box (don't use the dropdown arrow).  Set max scan to 6.7"x9.2".  Then you will be able to scan.  that means if you have a picture bigger than that size and you really want 4800 DPI, you will have to scan multiple times and then use software to put them together like Photoshop.

Screenshot 2024-01-10 212404.jpgScreenshot 2024-01-10 212326.jpgScreenshot 2024-01-10 212250.jpg

Thank you so much for the detailed answer and your time. I will give it a go and give an update.


for some more details...  the 6.7 inches x 9.2 inches is the output resolution.  the input can be the full size of the glass.  so you can put a 8.5 inch x 11 inch paper on the glass and scan.  but the output will be 32162x44160 pixel resolution.