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Shooting with Canon c200 and Canon 5D Mk IV


Hi everyone! I am currently shooting with the 5d mark4 and was looking to purchase the canon c200 as a new main camera. I was wondering if anyone had any experience shooting with these two cameras and could offer any advice on color matching or ideal settings for these two cameras. Thank you so much!



These cameras are at different ends of the spectrum for use.


One still

One cinema


The chipsets are different 

Digic 6+

Dual Digic 6's 


The still image peformance on the C200 is no where close to the 5D4.


The bit depth for video on the 5D4 is no where near that of the C200 and the 5D4 has a 1.7x crop at 4k.


So I am not sure how to effectively advise on "ideal settings" or color matching since each uses a completely different recording technology. 


Your still images will be unrivaled on the 5D4.  Video will be superior on the C200.  They are unlike each other in all respects.   

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