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My C70 can't access the "EOS Standard" CP file from the firmware


Hi everyone,

When Canon released the firmware update for the C70, one thing I was excited to try was the addition of the "EOS Standard" CP file. It's not something I would use all the time, but quite frequently, I shoot alongside other cameras and operators who are using an EOS Standard picture profile on an R5 or R or even RP. Sometimes, those gigs need a crazy fast turnaround, and it would be nice if my C70 started in a similar place, color-wise, when the grading process begins.

The problem is, when I select the "EOS Standard" CP file, the screen goes black. It just doesn't work. If I go in to edit the CP file, I can turn off the Look File, and then the image comes back, but unfortunately, the Look File is actually how Canon is achieving the "EOS Standard" profile "look".

I guess I'm wondering: Has anyone else had this problem? Is it just a problem with my camera, or is it a universal bug? Or is there some other setting we have to select to get this to work? Is this a larger problem with Look Files in general? I haven't used them prior to this attempt.

Thanks, all!

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