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M40: Noticing video gaps where the files are automatically split.


I had originally thought that the M40 recorded seemlessly where files are broken while recording, but that appears to no longer be the case noticing small gaps in recent attempts to edit. I'm wondering if something has gone wrong with the camcorder over time and how I can best acheive seemless recording between files.





Hi Michael,


You'll want to make sure you're using the most recent Canon software to import your videos, and if you're still having issues, ensure you've transferred all of your content and perform a low-level format or initilization on your storage device. If that doesn't help, our support team may have other advice.


You'll find links to the software on our site HERE. You will need the camera handy for its serial number. 


Our US-based support team can be reached by phone or email by clicking HERE. If you're outside of the US, you'll want to reach out to Canon in your area by clicking HERE.


We hope this helps!

I've been transferring files via SD Cards. Was that a mistake? 😧

We always recommend using the included software for best results! 


If you've got other software that does the trick for you, that's fine too, but we know our software! 

I'll try it tonight. Could SD card speed also be a factor?

Hi, Autolooper!

After transferring your media, try a low-level format of your card. If that doesn't help, a brand new fast well-known branded card should help.

Have yet to check videos off a formated card, but so far CameraWindow DC 8.10.4a for Windows fails to see the camera while Pixela Transfer Utility SD Ver.1 can see the camera, it can't see the files.

Asking another M40 user, I was told that the split second gaps are normal.

Checking a the gap on a formatted card and there appears to be less of a gap at the 11.20 minute mark than on one that hasn't been formatted.

That said, I'll have to see if there's still a gap when the internal memory or relay recording is used.

Interesting. Experiments show a gap in playback on files recorded with an R600, but appears to vanish after encoding.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Autolooper,

Thanks for posting.
Are you using Pixela's Transfer Utility to transfer your movies and their VideoBrowser to edit them (recommended)?

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