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Hard time reading SD Card for C-100 with OS 10.11 (EL Capitan)


I had to upgrade my OS to 10.11, and I know I am having problems getting files using a card reader with my Canon C-100 sd card. On Mountain Lion,  I would get several folders to open, and I could got to "Stream" to find the MTS files to copy and use in Premiere. Now all I get is AVCHD file-- which I don't know how to handle. When I click on it it opens various .mov files, but I don't think they are configure correctly. How can I read my sd card to get straight mts files?



Hello Chally, 

The file format used by the EOS C100 is AVCHD, so I believe that your program isn't malfunctioning.  It is possible that your version of Premiere will need to be updated to a more current iteration.  We recommend contacting Adobe Premiere for further advise on updating the version to support a wider range of file types, where possible. 

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thanks for your reply, but Premiere is not the issue. (and actually it has been updated). The problem is that on earlier version of OS (Mountain Lion) I could access various folders in AVDCH and download mts from the stream folder. Now I get an AVCHD, whose folders I can't access. When I double click on it, I get a closed folder that opens up films in QT, which I can not copy or move. I can only open (one by one) and save as .mov files

I think I may have figure out how to access the .mts files. Thanks


Hai, here is an possibilty to copy .Mts files from SD  cards on Osx El Capitan. Once the SD has been detected, double click on it and it will show the "private" folder, again double click and it show "AVCHD" folder with Quick time icon, now right click  and choose show package contents and it will show BDMV folder, again right click and choose show package contents, now you can see it all..

Good luck